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Length: 35km. | Height (AMSL): 220m.

Our Barranco Blanco ride starts from the well-known film set where the early 90’s BBC soap “El Dorado” was shot and recorded. Although nowadays it has been converted into an Airsoft battle field. This is located in the heart of our Coín forest which begins with a steady and gradual climb for about 40-45 minutes up a 5 km fire road. About half way up we’ll turn off the fire road for a short section of techy singletrack that overlooks and surrounds a large quarry and picks up the fire road again further up. Once we reach the very top of the steep climb where it finally flattens out, we’ll keep on following the fire road that meanders its way across the whole side of the mountain until it eventually comes to a fun, fast, zigzagging descent all the way down to the famous Barranco Blanco waterfalls and crystal-clear waters for a refreshing and well-deserved dip (specially in Spring and Summer!). Generally at this beautiful stop we’ll have a van waiting, stacked with cold drinks and fresh fruit, to assist the group with a lift up a long steep tarmac road that takes you out of the valley for the afternoon ride back down to the coast.