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We design each week to meet the needs and abilities of all our guests, and have enough guides to ensure we match all your biking requirements.

You can arrive and leave on any day at any time and you will be personally met at the airport…so you can tailor your own length of holiday.

Below is an example itinerary of a typical week for an intermediate group.

Itinerary Airport Pickup

A typical week:

Saturday / Arrival - San Antón or Valtocado

If you arrive before midday there will be time to get the bike ready, a quick snack and then have a fun afternoon descent from Mijas back down to base.

Sunday - Coin Woods

These trails are ideal for a first day out to get a feel of the terrain. Classed as XC but packed with a bit of everything, from beautiful scenic fire roads to smooth, fast and flowy singletracks through forests. After that, a spot of lunch in our favorite BP café, followed by a “Valtocado” or “Mijas Down” descent to the coast in the afternoon.

Monday - Anna's trail / Alhaurin Woods

Right, after a well deserved day off and feeling energetic again…let’s get climbing! “Anna’s” is a super fun XC day that suits everyone. It begins with a short but steep climb to the start of a long fire road descent that leads to the entrance of a forest trail where you have to push your bike up it (or ride it…depending on your technical climbing abilties) for about 15 min. till you reach the top. Again, TOTALLY worth it. Once you’re at the top of the push, there’s a really smooth, undulating, green forest trail packed with a few short climbs as well as fun, fast descents, with a few switchbacks too! This route takes you all the way down to “Alhaurin Woods”, another one of our favorites that has two ways of doing it. Either picking it up at the bottom of “Anna’s” or getting there through another entrance at the top of “Jonny’s” climb. Both just as awesome including fire road loops with a bit of everything…from climbs to techy tree-rooted singletrack descents including a short rock garden where you can decide to challenge yourself and either ride up it or down it! Then at lunch time, it’s generally back to our popular BP café for an earnt break, then back down to the coast again via “Valtocado”.

Tuesday - Malaga Bike Park

As we generally have the following day off, we tend to pick Tuesdays as our “away day”, which means a bit of a longer drive to get to the trails (aprox. 30 min), but it’s well worth the journey. The vans take us straight up to a viewpoint (Mirador) which is about 700m above sea-level, from where we begin a long and winding descent down to the bike park with a fun pump-track to session and practice your jumping skills! After that, we then pick up a fire road that leads up to wide range of paradisiac forest trails that you can repeat as many times as your energy level allows you. Normally, including the climb, you’ll find that around 3 or 4 laps is plenty. Once we start feeling peckish, we can roll down to the local tapas bar for a bite to eat, then jump into the van and on our way back home. On the way back, upon demand, we can also offer the option of a quick drop-off at the top of “San Antón” for a quick, self-guided extra descent back down to base for those nutters who feel like they could still manage a bit more!

Wednesday - Day´s rest from biking

Why not visit the historical city of Granada or Malaga or try a mountain walk, tennis, golf, surfing, horse riding, dolphin watching on a yacht or perhaps just sunbathe by the pool or on the beach. If interested in any of these aforementioned activities, speak to our guide Clive for further information.

Thursday - Jonny´s trail

Starting from 650 metres above sea-level we begin with a gradual zigzagging 35-40 min. fire road climb up to the top of the mountain. The effort is 100% rewarding! Once you reach the peak, apart from the breathtaking view, you get to ride an awesome singletrack trail which has about 27 switchbacks, some more forgiving than others, to practice your cornering and go back home a pro! This descent leads you straight down to the village of Mijas where we normally stop for a lunch break. Once we get going again, we pedal out of the village and over to the start of our “San Antón” descent down to the seafront.

Friday - Diggler's / 3 Amigos / Happy Days

This one is sort of an enduro/dh day for those more experienced riders out there. We begin making our way from the helipad (The start of Jonny’s) all the way down a very long fire road to the entrance of “Diggler’s”. This trail is optional depending on the level as it’s one of those we consider a black run, therefore not everyone would enjoy. So, at that point we can split the group and whilst one group adventures themselves down “Diggler’s, the rest can keep on following the fire road all the way down and regroup at the bottom. Then we all make our way over to the “3 Amigos”, an area very similar to the trails over at “Malaga Bike Park”, 3 unbelievably awesome descents but have that inconvenience of a climb in every lap, so sessioning it depends entirely on your energy level. The lunch spot here is amazing, a restaurant located on the outskirts of the Alhaurin de la Torre village, fantastic Spanish food with the typical Andalusian inland cuisine. After a bit of fuel to keep us going, we jump back into the van and have three choices: 1) A very short drive over to “Happy Days” which is a DH technical run to session 3 or 4 times with the van at the bottom of the trail to take us back up to the top (that ought to finish you off for the day), then back home for a cold beer. 2) A drive back over to Mijas for a nice, chilled out ride down “San Antón” back to the house. Or 3) If the intensive morning has worn you out (and the full week of riding is taking its toll), you just feel absolutely knackered, your in a food coma and just fancy getting in the van straight back to base, that’s always a viable option as well. Our aim is too keep everybody happy!

Saturday / Departure - La Cala

If you are leaving in the afternoon we will have a morning ride around our local single tracks before the trip to Málaga airport for flight home.

A typical day:

Below is an example of a typical day with Sierra MTB:

Itinerary Breakfast
Itinerary Morning Ride
Itinerary After Ride Swim in Pool
Itinerary Evening Dinner in Town
Itinerary Van Loading
Itinerary Lunch Time
Itinerary After Ride Beers
Itinerary Fuengirola Nightlife

Sierra FREE bar

In our villas we offer:

Spanish beer along with Spanish red, white, rose and Sparkling Cava house wines.

A wide selection of soft drinks – coke, orange, lemon, lime, sparkling water, mineral water and orange juice.

A large range of spirits to mix that perfect evening cocktail.
A range of pre-meal nibbles: peanuts, olives, cheeses etc.

Our bar is UNLIMITED, meaning we will constantly keep it (and all other provisions) topped up over the course of your stay – so don’t worry, you’ll never run out of supplies!

And the best thing is that there is absolutely no charge for any of this.

Itinerary Full Fridge
Itinerary After Ride Chilling with Beers
Itinerary After Ride Well-deserved Beers
Itinerary Nightcap