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Here's a few of the frequently asked questions we get from our guests:

Are long weekends and midweek arrivals/departures possible?

Most people come from Saturday to Saturday for a week but as we are just 20 minutes from Malaga Airport we are flexible enough to cater for weekend stays and midweek arrivals. We are aware flying is a lot cheaper midweek so we give you the choice of arrival day and time. If you get to Malaga airport by midday, an afternoon ride is possible!

Our flight arrives at 3am Can you pick us up?

We would rather collect you at more civilized times but if that is the only flight you can get then we will collect you in our minibus.

Can I come on my own?

Sierra MTB is fantastic if you’re travelling alone as there is always plenty of like-minded company, and biking is a naturally sociable activity. There is no obligatory single supplement but you may chose to pay the optional single supplement of 10 Euros per night to guarantee a room to yourself. If you come for a week, even the airport transfer is free.

Where can we book flights into Malaga?

See our links section or at the bottom of our prices page, you’ll see a button that sais “FLIGHTS”, either will provide further info for online bookings with Easyjet, Ryanair, Vueling and many other low cost airlines to get you to Malaga airport.

I compete in races and my partner wants to ride with you but only easy routes.

We have a wide range of trails from super fast technical downhill training runs to easier flatter scenic routes and use 3 or more guides (How many small bike companies can say that!) to ensure all standards are catered for. Half-day rides are also an option and spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Don’t forget we have e-bikes to make your holiday climbing easier.

Are you legal and fully insured?

We are legally registered with the Spanish tourist authorities (AT/MA/00129) and have full public liability insurance. We are also a tax paying limited company (B92110782). Beware travelling with an unregistered illegal company as this could cause you problems!

How much spending money will we need?

Just about everything is covered except for a small lunch on the rides and the meal in the evenings. We have a large selection of good (excellent value) restaurants in Fuengirola so around £100 per person per week will leave enough for presents for your friends and family.

I don’t feel very fit or confident at present as the weather has stopped me riding in England.

Don’t worry! We can start slowly and by the end of the week you’ll be surprised just how much you have improved. Our guides are qualified to teach biking techniques so just ask them for advise.

However, if you feel you need a confidence boost before joining us, why not try a course for a day or two in England with www.mountainbikeinstruction.co.uk .

Also, why not rent one of our full-sus e-bikes? They’re perfect to avoid too much uphill effort and so much fun!

Is it dangerous?

Like a skiing holiday there is always the risk of a tumble. We tailor our routes so no one has to ride difficult terrain unless they want to. As accidents can happen, we advise you to get an EHIC card (free – apply on internet). This will plug you straight into the excellent Spanish medical facilities. Our guides are first-aid qualified and first-aid kits are always carried on each ride. Please note that helmets must be worn on all our guided rides.

Do I need elbow and knee pads?

Not an easy question. Generally it depends on what type of riding you are looking to do, but anyone can fall off at any time so we never say pads are unnecessary.

"Free Bar" - What does that mean?

We offer:
Spanish beer along with Spanish red, white, rose and Sparkling Cava house wines.
A good selection of cans of soft drinks – coke, orange, lemon lime, sparkling water, mineral water, and a choice of fruit juices.
A large range of spirits to mix that perfect evening cocktail.
A range of pre-meal nibbles, peanuts, olives, cheeses etc.
Our bar is unlimited, meaning we will constantly keep it (and all other provisions) topped up over the course of your stay – so never fear, you’ll never run out!
And the best thing is that there is absolutely no charge for any of this!

How can we pay?

Simple. Just let us have your credit card details to reserve your dates and then pay the balance in cash on arrival. If you wish to prepay we can supply our English bank details for direct payment. Also via Paypal and Revolut.

Do you have uplift assistance to avoid too much climbing?

All of our trails have lift assistance in the buses, sometimes just gaining 500 metres to the start of the ride finishing at the coast, some with uplifts throughout the day. That way there will be more time for that singletrack descending that we all love.

Isn´t the Costa del Sol full of non-Spanish tourists?

On the contrary, Fuengirola is the coastal town where Spaniards from Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla and Jaén love to come for a holiday. Full of Spanish bars and restaurants, you will get the real flavour of Spain.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

In our base, yes we do, plus there are lots of vegetarian choices in town for the evening meals.

Do you cater for non-riders?

Non-riders including children are welcome and there is always plenty to do here. We have many other sports locally including horse riding, golf, sailing, skiing (snow and water), tennis, windsurfing, squash, karting, mountain walking, dolphin watching and many other activities. We are right on the beach and have a large swimming pool and gardens. If interested in any of these aforementioned activities, speak to our guide Clive for further information.

Are you open all year round?

We are open all year except July and August. The temperature is too hot for comfortable biking so we have a break until September when it is much more pleasant.

Isn’t it too hot in June and September for biking?

It does get hot during the afternoon so in June and September we tend to have an early breakfast and get off promptly and back before the afternoon heat arrives. The afternoon can be spent on the beach or by our large pool.

How much singletrack is there?

All our rides have lots of singletrack, ranging from nice and easy smooth, fast and flowy trails through forests…to steep, loose and rocky technical descents…with a wide range of XC to choose from as well. You don’t need a 3-hour airport transfer to get to some of the best biking in Europe.

What type of bikes do you rent?

We have a fleet of modern top quality full suspension bikes. This year we are using Giant Trance and Reign, Commencal Meta, Radon Swoop and a couple of Giant Full E+1 e-bikes (Try one out if you haven´t had the chance yet, they are addictive!). All our bikes are well maintained and serviced and replaced every year.

Is it a problem if I bring my own bike?

Airlines all charge for bikes around £40/£50 return. Weight allowance goes up from 20kg. to 32kg. So you will have to think carefully about extra luggage! If you haven’t got a proper bike bag, we suggest a cardboard bike box, free at any bike shop, with plenty of lagging protection. Most airlines will not accept bikes unless they’re properly packed.