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Summary of our trails:


We have been operating since 1992 and the trails have been developing and improving over the years. Around 1995 the first good front suspension bikes came along and together with the man-made tracks being built in the U.K. the demand was increasing for lots more fun and technical single tracks – enduro riding was born. Since then we have found (and are still finding) dozens hard-to-find flowing and/or technical singletrack not marked on any map. These hunting trails, goat paths and access routes between villages, developed over centuries, are perfect for mountain biking.

Current situation

We now have a large range of trails to suit all bikers from beginners to expert downhillers. Most of our trails will start the day using the bus(es) to gain altitude up to 1000m and finish around sea level to get more of that grin factor for less effort. Lots of our local trails are half-day trails which link up to give us a great choice for all abilities. Like skiing, our trails will be colour coded as GREENBLUE, RED and BLACK.

GREEN TRAILS (Family rides & Beginners) – Suitable for families looking for a fun day out with nothing challenging for the liitle ones; and for those less confident riders who are just looking for a quality relaxing bike ride in the countryside to enjoy the scenery and views. These routes are mainly on fireroads and dirt trails in scenic surroundings, with the odd bit of easy singletrack as well.

BLUE TRAILS (XC & Low Intermediate Enduro) – For those Cross-Country riders who are looking to take a step up and get a taste of some of our less technical, more flowy trails. Most of our rides are in fact aimed at this level of rider, lots of fun singletrack, some 20kms. long following ridge lines, others twisty-turny tracks through forests.

RED TRAILS (Advanced Enduro) – This category is mainly for the more experienced rider. Generally, we describe these trails as more technical, dry, loose, rocky and shaly with smooth and flowy sections as well as rock gardens, burms, switchbacks and many more features to fully enjoy the whole experience on some of the best trails in Europe.

BLACK TRAILS (Expert Enduro & DH) – We offer a variety of really technical, steep and gnarly trails for those riders out there who fear nothing. Pretty much described very similarly to our red runs but definitely a level higher. These trails can be lift-assisted if previously booked.

This is just a selection of our trails. Whichever level you are, we have what you are looking for.

Click on each box for detailed information of every trail, including a few photos and videos to get an idea of the ride.





A typical day:

Below is an example of a typical day with Sierra MTB:

Itinerary Breakfast
Itinerary Morning Ride
Itinerary After Ride Swim in Pool
Itinerary Evening Dinner in Town
Itinerary Van Loading
Itinerary Lunch Time
Itinerary After Ride Beers
Itinerary Fuengirola Nightlife

Sierra FREE bar

In our villas we offer:

Spanish beer along with Spanish red, white, rose and Sparkling Cava house wines.

A wide selection of soft drinks – coke, orange, lemon, lime, sparkling water, mineral water and orange juice.

A large range of spirits to mix that perfect evening cocktail.
A range of pre-meal nibbles: peanuts, olives, cheeses etc.

Our bar is UNLIMITED, meaning we will constantly keep it (and all other provisions) topped up over the course of your stay – so don’t worry, you’ll never run out of supplies!

And the best thing is that there is absolutely no charge for any of this.

Itinerary Full Fridge
Itinerary After Ride Chilling with Beers
Itinerary After Ride Well-deserved Beers
Itinerary Nightcap
Football Pitch descent
Jesus Trail big group Pizarra background
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