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Length: 4.5km. | Height (AMSL): 930m.

This ride is probably our longest descent if you make your way all the way down to the seafront in one go from the very top of the telecom towers, situated at the very peak of the Mijas mountain with an altitude of just below 1000m. above sea level (but this would include a San Antón as well). Full Telecom, as mentioned, begins from the towers and ends at the bottom of quarter telecom on the outskirts of Mijas village, where our San Anton trail begins. Our vans take us right to the very top, so very little amount of climbing involved (just a couple of short ones on the way down). We generally describe it as loose and rocky, with a few sketchy sections. Very fun with a spectacular scenery. Definitely one of the favorites amongst our more advanced returning guests.

Full Telecom rider over big roots before road
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