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Length: 15km. | Height (AMSL): 900m.

Also known as the one with all the switchbacks. Starting from a quarry at about 500m above sea level. we make our way up a gradual zigzagging fire road climb for aproximately 40 min, with some spectacular views overlooking the village of Mijas, the whole coast, and on a very clear day, even the coastline of Africa. Once we reach the very top of the climb, we’ll come across some steps which are the entrance of the singletrack descent. This particular trail is one of our favourites and definitely one the most popular! It’s a long, loose (ish) trail with just under 40 switchbacks that leads all the way down to the road where we’ll casually roll down to Mijas village for a spot of lunch. Generally, we tend to use our San Anton trail for the afternoon ride down to the coast where the last 10 min is just cruising along the seafront back to base.

Johnny's DMK rider round tight switchback corner
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