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Length: 47km. | Height (AMSL): 1032m.

This ride consists of some picturesque trails in the Natural Park of the Malaga Mountains with some breathtaking views over Malaga coast and city. We gain a height of approximately 1.000 metres (amsl) in the van and begin the ride in a forest surrounding by a beautiful blend of pine and oak trees, together with a great variety of native wildlife. About 30 min. into the ride we reach an Eco-Museum called “Lagar de Torrijos”, a traditional countryhouse / winery in the middle of the forest built in 1843 which remains untouched from its original contruction, where you can see and learn about the different instruments, tools and devices they used back then to make the famous sweet wine of Malaga, as well as extra virgin olive oil and bread. After that, we continue riding through these forest fireroads and dirt tracks until we reach a lovely bit of singletrack that leads down to this rural hotel called “Humaina” where we’ll stop for a lunch break to enjoy a picnic and a refreshing dip in its lovely little natural water swimming pool to cool off on those warm days. Once we’ve recharged our batteries, we carry on descending towards Malaga city where we’ll finish the ride at sea-level where the van will be waiting for us parked outside a nice little bar for a well-deserved ice-cream, coffee or cold drink before our 20 min. drive back to base in Fuengirola.