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Length: 20km. | Height (AMSL): 500m.

The name of this trail is probably a little misleading as it’s not really a bike park as we all know it. All of the trails on this away day are 100% natural forest singletracks…very well maintained by everyone who uses them to keep them smooth and flowy, that’s why it’s the closest thing in our area that resembles a bike park in the UK. We call it an away day as it is situated on the foot of the Montes de Malaga natural park, just above Malaga city, so from our base it’s about a 45 min drive to get there but it’s well worth the journey. Our very first van stop is the Green House trail, which is a short but awesome smooth singletrack full of little gap jumps and berms down to some houses on the outskirts of the city where the van meets us to take us back up again and session this trail 2 or 3 times (the better you know the run, the more fun it gets!). After this, we head up to the highest point of the day, to a viewpoint called El Mirador, from where the view over Malaga is spectacular. This ride, which takes us all the way down to the “Bike Park”, is a tad different to the rest as it’s generally more loose and rocky in some sections meaning it requires more cautiosness than the rest of the trails of the day, but also really fun, nothing too technical. Once we arrive down at the huge forest area where the “Bike Park” is, we’ll come across a small pump track to play around on for a while before we start climbing up the fire road to get to the “Bike Park” trails. Sessioning these trails means climbing up this fire road for about 15/20 min. It’s not a steep climb so it’s definitely worth doing the climb 2 or 3 times as there is a wide variety of really cool trails to choose from. Our lunch stop is a typical Spanish bar just down the hill from the “Bike Park” that we can roll down the road to get to it and then after lunch the van shuttles us back up to the trails again. Once we’ve had enough, it’s back in the van for the journey back to base in Fuengirola again, with the optional stop in Mijas on the way to drop off anyone who fancies doing a self-guided ride down San Antón if you still have enough energy for more!

Malaga Bike Park The Mirador viewpoint
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