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Length: 15km. | Height (AMSL): 500m.

This particular forest area just above the village of Ojen, known by the locals as “LLanos de Purla”, is an amazing circuit of really fun, fast, flowy trails with a few sections to consider like sharp deep sandy corners, drops, shoots, a few loose rocks here and there…but all in all an absolute enduro paradise with quite a few different trails to choose from…some easier than others, but all in the same area. It’s roughly a 35-40 min. van drive to get there from our base, but it’s ideal as you can leave the van at the bottom of the road, and within a 10 min road climb you have all the trailheads to session them as many times as you wish. Then it’s back in the van and back to our local Mijas mountain for a spot of lunch and a nice descent back to base.

Ojen Enduro steep sandy drop
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