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Length: 36km. | Max. Height (AMSL): 320m.

A leisurely countryside ride that loops round to finish back at the van from where we set off. The first 12kms are on meandering dirt roads until we come across a bridge where we cross over the big river called “Río Grande”. After that, for a km or so, we´ll tackle an easy climb that ascends from this river up to a beautiful cultivated land of oranges, olives, figs, avocados, etc.. The following 13kms follows a Roman aqueduct system along a nice flat dirt track until we have to re-cross the wide Río Grande but this time with NO bridge…which means literally riding through it…so yes, wet feet! From then onwards, for the last 5kms, it’s a pleasant ride through a wooded area followed by a landscape of farms right back to the start.