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Length: 12km. | Height (AMSL): 950m.

This ride also starts from the very top of the telecom towers, situated at the very peak of the Mijas mountain with an altitude of aprox. 950m above sea level. Route 6 (also known as “911” by other local riders), begins just a bit further up from our Full Telecom ride but this trail takes you down the opposite side of the mountain to the village of Benalmadena where our minibus awaits to either take you back up to Mijas again for another session…or back to base to Fuengirola. This descent has a bit of everything from smooth forest lines to a mixture of fixed rocks and loose rocks with a few sketchy deep sandy sections. In general, it’s quite a technical trail as there are some steep and gnarly bits that require a certain experience. But it’s totally worth it. So much fun and some amazing views!