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Length: 5km. | Height (AMSL): 700m.

Starting from a quarry above Mijas village at about 500m above sea level, we make our way up a fire road climb, gaining another couple of hundred meters of height to a beautiful viewpoint from where we start descending on this same track down to a natural water fountain called “Fuente de Jarapalos”. Diggler’s trailhead is only a few meters after this fountain on the right hand side. This particular trail is arguably one of the toughest, most technical and sketchiest trails we offer, especially the first half…although it does gradually get smoother and more flowy towards the end. It has in fact been used on several occasions to host many national downhill races, organized by the Alhaurin de la Torre village which is just below it. As it’s not a particularly long trail, we generally link it up with the “Top Amigo” (one of the “3 Amigos” tracks), which leads all the way down to the road where we generally roll down to our typical lunch spot, grab a bite to eat, drink and rest, and after lunch one of our vans shuttles us up to “Happy Days” for some more fun downhill sessions through a forest by the side of a massive quarry where we’ll find all sorts of awesome man-made features, built by the locals. 

Digglers steep section
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